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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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I am curious about something. I've been making bots for a little while now, but I am wondering how so many people come into contact with them. They're relatively unrefined, so it's not like they'd be at the top of any search results. But within a day of releasing a new bot I see traffic as high as 100 users, and it can get up to 1000 or so inside a week. I'm wondering if anyone knows how that works.

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I imagine it's people looking at the "Just improved" section

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Benji Adams is still PF's owner. He may be busy with own work so there are moments he works less on PF and others he can be more focused on it. Not true he sold it or anything like that. He told me to feel free to clarify it in the forum, which I did.

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Does anybody understand how to use stephanie haze.

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The bot kayla the succubus is getting $552 from their bot .-. This should not be allowed especially since they did not make the site themselves.

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It's not against the rules

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The Susie: As I recall from reading the forum, various members agree with your feelings on the matter. Since the owner has neither changed the rules nor shut down Kayla, however, it apparently doesn't bother them.

I'm kind of amazed that a bot from here has enough of a following to generate that much money. This place usually looks.. sorta empty?

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Yep, I've e-mailed the site's owner about this before and he's done nothing about removing the paywall so tacitly it seems to be allowed.

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I just noticed I am close to 5,000 logins weird

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I just noticed I am close to 5,000 logins weird

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Tbh I find that patreon bot useless lol I think it mostly just scams people because it does nothing lol I feel bad for the people who actually spend money on that bot I mean there is a lot of other bots that talk better and do actions better, if your going to charge people to use a bot atleast give them a list of commands lol.

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umm whats the difference between kp and AI? iv added a couple kp and edited a few things but my bot disruption says 0 AI so was wondering.

and could someone explain the api thing to me? I mean from my perspective this chat bot system is just a tone of gotos from kp. so does signing up for api do anything? is there a list for ai script somewhere?

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Laviat, more keyphrases - and more general complexity - will increase your AI score, though it updates roughly once per day, in the middle of the night GMT. Never sure of the exact time. AI score includes things like gotos, seeks, and presumably other complexity stuff; it's not a clear system so that people don't game it. It'll increase over time.

As for the API, that's related to using your bot on another site or similar.

On AIScript, it's very useful for a variety of things. In an adult bot it can handle things like roleplays, clothed/naked, or kinky stuff. It can be used to remember stuff, the raw tag can be used to avoid the spellcheck/parsing when you need it, there's if statements, or statements, and similar that can help control when people see certain responses based on memories. The book of AI has a good introduction to AIScript, but have a play with it, use debug mode and see what you get.

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thanks for the reply, it updated but thanks for clearing up how its counted.

still a little confused about api. does registering for API have any effect on the AIscripting?

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